PET films

PET monofilm - a three-layer rigid film based on polyethylene terephthalate, made using the CAST method, available in the following forms, depending on the customer's needs:

A-PET (A/A/A) – all layers are made of a primary material (PET granulate);

R-PET (A/B/A) – the internal "B" layer is made of recycled materials;

G-PET (A/B/A) – the "A" layer is made of G-PET;

and others.

Application: for technical and food packaging

Basic technical parameters:



Thickness range

Maximum width

Maximum roll diameter

Impact strength

Thermoforming possibility






150-1,000 µ

1,600 mm

1,200 mm

>300 kJ



transparent-matte and coloration in the cake



thermal / ultrasounds

Standard colours for PET films (other colours available on request of the customer):

  • natural
  • transparent blueish
  • transparent neutral
  • white
  • black

In its production processes, MKF-ERGIS uses technology which has received a positive opinion of EFSA regarding safety of the processing of post-consumer PET flakes into film approved for food contact.

PET films have a number of important characteristics that are important in the process of production of packagings used in various industries. One of the key characteristics is strength. Another characteristic that turns out to be as important is thermal resistance to both extremely high and low temperatures. Another characteristic suitability for coloring and printing. Importantly, PET films are suitable for effective recycling.

PET films are made in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors so as to meet the unique expectations of each customer.

Basic film types and standards (click)